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Election Day Pie

November the third, the sun's in the sky

There's a nip in the air, spirits are high.

Halloween stuff is stashed,

The house needs a cleaning

But thoughts of a pie

send my brain cells careening.

Maybe four and twenty blackbirds

will fit the bill tonight...

The crows must go, but with no skills

I'll let them take their flight.

The berries are gone, so apple it is

the all-American fave.

Granny Smith, Pink Lady too

are always handy to have.

The New York Times "pie expert"

claimed to cook the apples first.

Incensed I am, having a "bit" more experience

the idea is just the worst.

Don't think it will help thicken the filling,

for the trade off is merely mush...

just let your pie sit long to thicken,

don't be in such a rush.

There's your Election Day tip for apple pie

hope you'll stress-bake some pie magic!

May a landslide victory be the case

and not something more tragic.

Find a recipe, rolling pin

or food processor if you have it.

Have fun, experiment, then book a class

whenever you can manage!

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