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Chocolate cake. Because it's Friday

Nancy Thomas, the Yorktown folk artist who also wrote a lovely cookbook a while back, noted that she loved to paint cakes because she loved to eat cake, but couldn't do that anymore. I prefer painting things other than cake and thankfully haven't had anyone tell me I can't eat it - all things in moderation, I say!

So's the first Friday of a double birthday month in our house. The sun is shining, I am about to repaint a crummy looking rocker, and I have more cocoa and chocolate chips than most other staple ingredients - especially when it comes to pie. And really, who needs a reason to bake a chocolate cake anyway! So last night I picked out a good contender recipe out of my old faithful Very Virginia cookbook - and it's a winner. I didn't love the fact that it required beating the egg whites separately and folding them in, but the result is a light, brownie-like treat with this decadent chocolate glaze that was so simple it was sinful...just heavy cream and chocolate chips melted together. Treat yourself and those with whom you are cocooning...then go for a long walk or dance it off afterwards!

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